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Transport & logistics

Warehouse storage

One-GROUP provides transport, logistics services and integrated solutions for door to door delivery using all modes of transport.

One-GROUP - competence center and your expert in logistics services. Our experience and knowledge in logistics and supply chain management will support to find the best transport and logistics solution and optimize logistics costs.

One-GROUP - cargo delivery by any type of transport from any point of the world with optimal terms.

Operational Diagnostics of Company Supply Chain

One-GROUP - will evaluate the existing supply chain and develop a detailed strategy for the development and optimization of existing logistics and supply chain in order to reduce operating costs and achieve the best set targets that advise the business of the Client.

Analysis of the work of transport and warehouse logistics, cost estimation, development and implementation of recommendations for improving efficiency

One - GROUP experts are ready to analyze the operational and financial performance of transport logistics and warehouse performance indicators, identify problem areas, develop an action plan for optimization and improvements aimed at reducing logistic and operational costs with a focus on workflow, key performance indicators, a staff motivation system, business processes, the cost of transportation services and costs, TMS functionality, cargo handling technology and methods for the selection and storage of goods, equipment used the number of personnel, the topology of the warehouse ,established standards, commodity circulation and commodity proximity, WMS functionality, video surveillance and access control system.

Organization and holding of independent logistic tenders

One-GROUP are ready to analyze the work of the current logistics service provider in order to optimize and reduce tariffs and costs, as well as provide support for the selection of 3PL operators and logistics service providers at all stages of the tender:
  • Determination of the Customer's key criteria for selecting a logistics service provider
  • Determining the Vendor Pool
  • Formation of the tender task
  • Сarrying out of the tender and independent choice of the supplier of logistic services in accordance with the key criteria
  • Working out of the contract with the supplier of logistics services for the protection of the interests of the customer
  • Assistance in obtaining the most favorable conditions

Logistic design of warehouse terminals

One-GROUP experts are ready to select a warehouse property object and conduct an independent audit to verify compliance with the Customer's stated requirements, on behalf of the Client, to agree on the best conditions and to support at all stages of the sale / lease of the property: preliminary examination of the project, structuring the transaction, developing the necessary documents, marketing campaigns , negotiation, completion of transactions. One - GROUP will prepare a business plan, confirmed by detailed calculations for the design and launch of warehouse, calculate the cost of moving.

Training of key employees

One-GROUP Expertise allows us to successfully train and select personnel in the field of logistics.

Recruitment, restructuring

One-GROUP has extensive practical experience in developing recommendations for reorganizing the existing staff, conducting certification and independent evaluation of the position and tasks assigned, analyzing salaries and developing a successful motivation system, identifying the necessary departmental changes for effective work.