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Transport & logistics

Certification, insurance, security and customs clearance of goods

One-GROUP provides transport, logistics services and integrated solutions for door to door delivery using all modes of transport.

One-GROUP - competence center and your expert in logistics services. Our experience and knowledge in logistics and supply chain management will support to find the best transport and logistics solution and optimize logistics costs.

One-GROUP - cargo delivery by any type of transport from any point of the world with optimal terms.

Import / export customs formalities

One-GROUP - your reliable partner for customs clearance of goods. We provide custom services of high quality, during sending and receiving goods, and also ready to answer your questions - competently and reliably.
  • temporary import and export
  • Assistance in obtaining the necessary documents and certificates for customs clearance
  • consultations of legal entities on customs clearance issues

ATA Carnet

One-GROUP experts have experience with ATA Carnet for temporarily imported goods that allow avoiding the payment of customs duties. Also we are ready to issue temporary import and export of your cargo.

Cargo insurance

One - GROUP experts quickly and profitably and on behalf of the client will insure the cargo through the partner insurance company and provide a confirming insurance.


One – GROUP experts quickly determine the necessary and required types of certificates for the goods and in the shortest time organize their receipt.
  • declarations or certificates of conformity
  • certificate of origin
  • FSTEC Certificates
  • Other

Protection and Security of cargoes

According One-GROUP security policy - for the transportation of expensive goods we provides security of the cargo by specialized security companies and police.